Intellectual Outputs

The overall goal of the project is to empower the adult educators with an integrated & innovative iPath2UpSkilling Platform & Programme & with the specific skills for using it in order to assure high quality upskilling pathways for the low-skilled/-qualified adults through guidance services, formal & non-formal education, training & coaching services. 

iPath2UpSkilling Platform & Programme designed & developed within the project will provide an inclusive tailored made education & training opportunities for low-skilled/-qualified adults under the moderation of professionals working in adult education sector. 

The objectives of improving the quality & efficiency of education and training and promoting equity, social cohesion & active citizenship are common EU objectives set in ET2020.

Intellectual Outputs

The project proposal’s idea starts from identified need for integration of active measures for vulnerable groups resulted from the case studies of different projects implemented by the partnership organisations in the benefit of the indirect target group, respectively the low-skilled/-qualified adults. 

Designing and developing the iPath2UpSkilling Platform

The IO1’s aim is the development during 2-30th month of a functional &operational iPath2UpSkilling Platform to be used by adult educators as a digital mean to support an Upskilling Pathway for low-skilled/-qualified adults. Designing & developing the iPath2UpSkilling Platform is the project’s 1st stage, interconnecting the both end-users’ needs (adult trainers & low-skilled/-qualified adults) with the technical requirements.

iPath2UpSkilling Platform is an innovative modular platform concept having the following structure:

  1. Online Professional Counselling/Guidance Section;
  2. Online Training Section, including Open Educational Resources Library;
  3. Life & Career Coaching Section;
  4. Interactive Online Map Section on locating Training Providers, Competence assessment centers &Second Chance Schools for Adults from participating countries.

The iPath2UpSkilling Platform will have two end-users:

  1. the project’s target group (educators/trainers/other personnel who support adult learners);
  2. the low-skilled/-qualified adults as indirect beneficiaries.

The online platform comes to support both the new acquisitions acquired by the training participants, as well as to ensure the sustainability of the training services provided, consolidating the skills acquired during online training session through an open virtual channel of communication. In essence, the online platform has a great degree of versatility, easily adapting to the needs of its users, facilitating the access of the target group to information/ networks /resources, regardless of their geographical location. 

The online platform is a virtual space where the adult educators can create networks, conclude collaborations, exchange best practices, anticipate skills changes, participate in common actions & where they  can be visible up to the EU level. In addition, the online platform will be the workspace where each trainer will meet their own trainees. 

Guidelines development for end-users of the iPath2UpSkilling Platform

IO2 will start in parallel with the IO3 due to their interconnection. The aim of IO2 is to create guidelines for end-users of the iPath2UpSkilling Platform during 4 to 28th month. No matter how wonderful the Platform develop under IO1 is and how intelligent its design, if the project team is the only one who understands it, it doesn’t do any good for the target group.

Through producing materials for trainers/adult educators who will be in charge of the implementation of the iPath2Upskilling Programme at regional level by using the newly developed Platform, the adult educators will delivered their know-how to adults with focus on low-skilled/-qualified adults.

During IO2 there will be developed 3 Handbooks for end-users and 1 Mentorship Manual, as follows:

  1. Development of the 2 Handbooks for using iPath2UpSkilling Platform:1 designed for the personnel who support low-skilled/-qualified adults for upskilling & 1 designed for the low- skilled/-qualified adults as a Platform’s clients
  2. Development of the Handbook for using the platform tools in order to develop new online training courses or other Open Educational Resources designed for the personnel who support adult learners
  3. Organizing the Mentorship Program and the development of the Mentorship Manual– designed to the personnel who support adult learners as train the trainers guidelines in order for them to assist a less experienced or less knowledgeable person with the required integrated steps to be followed on the upskilling path (awareness, counselling and guidance, implementing a realistic Action Plan using training, coaching instruments)

Development of the iPath2UpSkilling Platform’s resources and content

The IO3 impacted direct target group will be the 15 persons (educators, trainers & other personnel who support adult learners) from external organisations (C2 participants) together with the 10 C1’s participants selected from partners’ organisations with a similar profile, but the entire category of educators, trainers & other personnel who support adult learners form participating countries will benefit of IO3 after disseminations activities will take place, the awareness will increase and the transfer of knowledge and competencies within communities will occur.

The need of IO3 resides mainly in the need for quality professional development and, accordingly, of having the necessary resources and content on the iPath2UpSkilling Platform so the Platform reaches its expected utility by assuring the quality and the success of the counselling, guidance, training & coaching activities.

The IO3’s main aims are:

  1. to transfer the methodology of the Mentorship Programme (IO2) into online e-tools for professional adult educators/ trainers as end-users for each and every covered area by the Upskilling Pathway, mainly referring to counselling, guidance & coaching activities;
  2. to integrate on the Platform the necessary tools/ instruments for professionals as end-users for future developing of new online trainings and OERs, including a Library in this respect;
  3. to develop 4 Online Trainings materials out of which 2 for transversal key competencies and 2 for other competencies not taught in schools, as ready to be used online trainings in the benefit of low-skilled and low qualified adults.
  4. to develop an interactive online map for Training Providers, Competence assessment centers and Second Chance Schools for Adults at the level of each participating country. In order to populate the iPath2UpSkilling Platform, the IO3 will be centered on developing the above 4 types of resources & content.