Integrated & Innovative iPath2UpSkilling Platform High quality upskilling pathways for the low-skilled/-qualified adults through guidance services, formal & non-formal education, training & coaching services. Read More iPath2UpSkilling Platform & Programme Inclusive tailored made education & training opportunities for low-skilled/-qualified adults under the moderation of professionals working in adult education sector. Read More

What we do

Intellectual Outputs

Project beneficiaries

iPath2UpSkilling Platform

Professional (educators, trainers & other personnel who support adult learners) 

iPath2UpSkilling Platform

Adult learners: low-skilled and low-qualified adults

Training activities

Educators, trainers & other personnel who support adult learners

Interactive Online

Training Provider or Competence Assessment Centers and/or Second Chance Schools for Adults

Project impact

Empowering participants through education, making them aware about the role of education to improve lives.

Mentoring opportunities: the value of the iPath2UpSkilling Mentorship Programme helping raise both confidence and knowledge at the participant’s level

Enhancing Career: obtaining certified recognition from iPath2UpSkilling helps professionals to get better jobs or promotions at work

Improving and extending the supply of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adults

Granting access to clear pathways for returning to education/training

Granting access to high level professionals available to blend & tailor-made learning pathways in order to guide & to assist them to start upskilling

Strengthening cooperation with local and European stakeholders in adult education sector

Strengthening the local market position as an active actor (dissemination & networking)

Enhancing capability of own staff to provide tailored online trainings for adults

Project Results
in numbers

4 Online Trainings
on the iPath2UpSkilling Platform
25 professionals trained
during Learning, Teaching, Training activities
50 Training Providers
on interactive online map
1000 persons updated
on the project's results within dissemination activities

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